Betta Healthcare

Learning Disability

Learning disabilities affect the daily lives of many people in a variety of ways. In order to provide appropriate support, we take into account the needs and wishes of each individual with a learning disability.

Betta Healthcare believes that people with a learning disability or autism should have the same opportunities and respect as the rest of us to live fulfilling, valued lives. In order to lead a healthy, safe, and rewarding life, people should be able to develop and maintain relationships within their communities.

We support people to:

 It is our goal to create a safe environment in which people with complex health and social care needs can develop skills and gain confidence, so that they can contribute meaningfully to their community while feeling valued and respected. 

It is our responsibility to create valued social roles for people with complex health and social care needs. Our mission is to provide people with opportunities to become active members of their local communities, learn new skills, and experience new things, resulting in greater self-esteem and confidence.